So today I decided in favor of family over horse. We had been locked away over the weekend due to bad weather with one outing yesterday to the movies and dinner. Today the sun came out and decided to melt away the remaining ice, but with the thought of a muddy pasture and an invite to join my one daughter in town for some shopping and lunch.. hands down the second won out. This daughter is usually always working forty hours every week day in a nearby town, so it’s rare for us to have one-on-one time. It was lovely. Then took my stir-crazy yellow lab for a walk around the circle and threw her chicken and ball until she was ready to come in. She really doesn’t care for the winter days when I curtail our outside time.

I think I’ve decided what color to paint the last room of my house. So far I have painted the foyer a caliente red, the living room a naples coastal blue, the kitchen a terra cotta with black bean cabinets and the hall a light straw color. I might be jumping in boldly with a lime green. We’ll see.