So I’ve been gone the past few days. No reason in particular – just got caught up in life and then had time to think about things. I was reminded on Saturday of the importance of sportsmanship and letting the little people have a chance. I am tall and my granddaughter has been so blessed as well. She has also been blessed with some natural ability to play sports. Needless to say she is much sought after for the basketball teams. But also needless to say, she towers over everyone in her age group. This past game was the first for this season where they really could have slaughtered the opposing team. But her coach decided rather than just going for the victory, he would take the chance to not only try some different plays, but also to give some of the shorter, less experienced girls a chance to dribble and to shoot. I give him kudos for this. And even more kudos when I heard that he advised our team to let the littlest girls on the other team take the shot if they had the ball. We still won that day, but I hope that maybe they had the chance to think of others in a different light that day.

Sunday we attended a funeral of someone very close to our age. We’ve been to many funerals sadly due to the line of work my husband is in. But this is a man that retired ten years ago and thought he had many good years ahead of him. Sadly he didn’t as he suffered some years of failing health. All I could think about was Monday and his wife really facing the coming days without him. I also think that I would like my husband to keep working as long as he can. I read The Blue Zones and it compared what kept people living to ripe old ages in different communities. Having a purpose was very high on the list. What do I want to do next?

Finally we have been in the midst of very cold weather which has made me want to hibernate. I finally tired of that and bundled up and took a long walk through a nearby park and let my dog romp in the dog park as well. What a breath of tranquility and peace to stretch and breathe and feel the sun on what little bit of skin was exposed. And to add the final touch of grace, we spotted a hawk as it touched down in the treetops and stayed there all while I was circling, circling, circling ..wanting to get a decent photo to bring home this reminder of the greatness of the outdoors.