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Without a space as of yet.

No today’s blog isn’t about cooking, but decorating with what you have. We’ve been painting the inside of our house and once the paint is on the walls, we’ve moved onto the next room. And I even have a room to be re-painted so it flows better with the one next to it. As if the house isn’t in a state of mayhem already, I decided ‘let’s go up in the attic to see what we have!’

We brought down one nightstand painted white with floral knobs, one sewing machine table also painted white with floral knobs, one curio shelf painted gold, one shelf from the entertainment unit, one small shutter to be used as wall decor, one wall magazine rack, one shadeless small lamp. Also still up there is my great Aunt Myrtle’s chair waiting for its do-over and two wooden folding screens.

Bridget and Buddha and white with florals?

The white with floral look is not going to work, so some time on the Anthropologie website is in the forecast and mulling over paint colors. I’m finding it hard to sift anything out because I want it all to work. What’s better than to re-use rather than to buy new. Well some things definitely need to be new.


Kitchen island crafted from kitchen wire shelf unit cut down and fitted with shelf from entertainment center. Thinking of using beadboard to enclose? On to declutter. Maybe it’s spring cleaning calling me belatedly as the weather has been quite cool for our area. Or the fact that our son and his girlfriend are coming for a visit!

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A quieter weekend without travel, but busy with home projects and horse visits.

I posted some when we painted the front bathroom our vivid green and I actually did two mirrors, but I am waiting until it’s complete to post a full view!


I’ve decided to go back to the old-fashioned putting pen to paper way of journaling. I’m on the computer so much it seems with blogging, Facebook, email…that I would like the feel of crafting words with ink and mindfully setting the words down on paper. I used this excuse for a fun trip to B&N for a lovely ‘green’ journal from Italy. What could be better? Then I ran by Michael’s for some inspiring pens. All after a great acupuncture session.

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Weekend #3 of my yoga teacher training was the hardest yet and I’m still trying to get on track with my daily schedule to fit in all the time on the mat and for meditation, journal keeping, and class evaluations. The trick I think is just to get up early and get a start on at least one meditation and then practice. I’m not sure if it will work, but I did notice I was less tired Monday than usual. Then again, I did go to bed early and slept for TEN hours. Unheard of for me.

Loved this photo – can’t remember where it’s from…

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This weekend was weekend #3 in my yoga teacher training and I think it kicked all of us…exhausted last night when I got home and slept for ten hours. Friday before leaving found some time to visit the best yarn shop and pick up some new yarn for some dish cloths. Finally finished my scarf so can work on some other things now.

Even though we have time to run out for some quick lunches, never enough time to browse in the many interesting shops. I will have to plan a trip just for that. I thought it interesting to find this car parked near to this shop.

I stayed at the same B&B we stayed at a couple of weeks ago for our anniversary. In the library room – there are some good books on those shelves! They were so lovely to me there. Provided early coffee and a muffin to go each day.

Loved sitting out in the gazebo eating some sesame noodles and reading before going in to throw myself in bed to get ready for early morning session.

The yoga studio is a cell phone free zone, but did take one of this little guy who guards over little lost things.

Until June, when I will return to the mountains.


So much to do to get ready to leave for another weekend of yoga teacher training. So what do I do? Go to hot yoga and then lunch and a walk in the park. But it was time spent with my oldest daughter and it’s lovely to have some down time to spend with her. She’s usually very much caught up with her studies. And I might just say that hot yoga was even hotter today with the heat outside. Whew! But it felt good. Lunched at a favorite restaurant that’s moved across the street and while the location may not be as favorable as the other…food still delicious. Above is a photo my daughter shared.

I have to profess my love of the warmer weather and the ability to once again eat outside. I felt rather guilty not to have my Daisy dog with me today. Daisy has been healing from a cut leg these past few weeks and has been my constant shadow. But she was finally well enough for me to leave her behind. I missed this though.

She’s a great lunch and dinner companion. I’ve started calling all the places with outside patios and love that I can bring her with me sometimes. Generally they only ask if she is a well-behaved dog when I call. Yes! of course.

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Since we had so much fun on Sunday, my daughters and I decided to go shopping on Monday since we all had some free time. I have to admit that the shopping gene totally skipped over me. My mom loved to shop and I never minded going with her because if I saw something I liked, she’d snap it up and buy it for me. Not much time or thought had to go into the process. Now my one daughter will take all the time it takes to sort through sale racks and go to Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx…I get hives from the thought. My other daughter likes a good sale, too, but will just usually buy something and take it home and it fits perfectly and suits her boho style.

I have yet to find ‘my’ style and yesterday after lengthy hours of shopping … the above is all that I found. Sad isn’t it!

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