I’ve been reading and following ‘My Six in the City’ for some time and have wanted to post weekend photos. I didn’t take the ones of a bathroom redo with that thought in mind so they are simple phone snaps, but at least I finally did it. And it’s inspired me to come back to my blog so thank you for that Six!

What have I been up to since last I blogged? I took the plunge and started a yoga teacher training program. We are two months in and between trying to fit in two meditations a day, time on the mat, and taking some classes to critique…getting on the computer was way down on the list. Oh and I forgot journaling daily and reading. Let me just say to that even though I thought I had a pretty good grasp of yoga and what it is all about, sadly I’ve found this not to be so. SO much to learn just in the history alone.

For me to have taken this step is HUGE. Almost two years ago I started having the worst sort of muscle and joint pain. Being very much anti-traditional medicine, I sought much in the way of natural healing. It wasn’t until I discovered that my low thyroid levels could also lead to death! that I decided to take Levoxyl. I’ve seen so much improvement and know coming back to yoga will continue to help. Menopause also brings aches and pains. Oh joy!

I do have to say I have so much more of an understanding of what people that are struggling every day are going through. I needed help putting on my boots, snapping my bra, simply lifting my legs in and out of the car. Getting up and down from a chair, the bed, the floor – all required assistance. I feel this great sense of joy as I can do these things once again and I give thanks and appreciate each and every day of further improvement.

I’m not sure that I will teach although for my research project I think that I may choose how yoga could be helpful for people going through the stages of grief. I’ve lost my parents and a son-in-law to cancer. So I’m pondering in what way could I be of service if I do teach? It will come and for now I continue to breathe and treasure the moments.