Traveling…my world is better for it. I get recharged by visits to big cities, by visits to the mountains, visits to the ocean. New York City is among my favorites of all. Three visits so far. First totally dedicated to all things tourista. Second we chilled and loved to pretend we lived there by taking yoga classes and having a picnic in the park. Guess it worked since we were asked for directions. And we actually could answer with useful information. Third time was another Christmas visit and while we did all the Christmas windows and Rockefeller, it was all done at a much less frenetic pace. I will be back many more times I hope.

Chicago a city of my youth from visiting relatives and then a work-related visit. Love it still. San Francisco. Loved visiting it and seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time. Austin. Another great city and could imagine living there. Pittsburgh. Another city of my youth and would like to revisit as an adult. Many other assorted locales in the South and pretty much all of Florida of course as I am a Miami native. Nothing beats the crystal blue waters and I pray that matters will be better soon for all of the areas affected by the oil spill.

Europe. Simply must go back and will write again another day of my time spent there. For now, any places you love to visit or do you love where you live and why?