So much to do to get ready to leave for another weekend of yoga teacher training. So what do I do? Go to hot yoga and then lunch and a walk in the park. But it was time spent with my oldest daughter and it’s lovely to have some down time to spend with her. She’s usually very much caught up with her studies. And I might just say that hot yoga was even hotter today with the heat outside. Whew! But it felt good. Lunched at a favorite restaurant that’s moved across the street and while the location may not be as favorable as the other…food still delicious. Above is a photo my daughter shared.

I have to profess my love of the warmer weather and the ability to once again eat outside. I felt rather guilty not to have my Daisy dog with me today. Daisy has been healing from a cut leg these past few weeks and has been my constant shadow. But she was finally well enough for me to leave her behind. I missed this though.

She’s a great lunch and dinner companion. I’ve started calling all the places with outside patios and love that I can bring her with me sometimes. Generally they only ask if she is a well-behaved dog when I call. Yes! of course.