Without a space as of yet.

No today’s blog isn’t about cooking, but decorating with what you have. We’ve been painting the inside of our house and once the paint is on the walls, we’ve moved onto the next room. And I even have a room to be re-painted so it flows better with the one next to it. As if the house isn’t in a state of mayhem already, I decided ‘let’s go up in the attic to see what we have!’

We brought down one nightstand painted white with floral knobs, one sewing machine table also painted white with floral knobs, one curio shelf painted gold, one shelf from the entertainment unit, one small shutter to be used as wall decor, one wall magazine rack, one shadeless small lamp. Also still up there is my great Aunt Myrtle’s chair waiting for its do-over and two wooden folding screens.

Bridget and Buddha and white with florals?

The white with floral look is not going to work, so some time on the Anthropologie website is in the forecast and mulling over paint colors. I’m finding it hard to sift anything out because I want it all to work. What’s better than to re-use rather than to buy new. Well some things definitely need to be new.


Kitchen island crafted from kitchen wire shelf unit cut down and fitted with shelf from entertainment center. Thinking of using beadboard to enclose? On to declutter. Maybe it’s spring cleaning calling me belatedly as the weather has been quite cool for our area. Or the fact that our son and his girlfriend are coming for a visit!