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I’ve been reading the not so big life by Sarah Susanka. Wonderful food for thought.

“Let yourself be silently drawn

by the stronger pull

of what you really love.’ – Rumi

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I caught sight of this little guy on and loved him. Plus it set the record straight as to the origin of mohair! I am loving my knitting times these days. It soothes and is comforting and is very pleasing to my senses.

I saw on Ravelry that you may post 12 projects to complete in 2011 on their website. I’m working on my list. Ravelry also led me to a group of wonderful knitting ladies. I feel I’m living in a story now since I’ve been drawn to knitting fiction books lately. Wonderful how a shared interest can draw people together.

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Life is good when you get to choose your hair color because you are the MerQueen. This is our family portrait drawn by our granddaughter. I was the only one asked to choose my hair color. Maybe because I was the only one here. Or maybe because I decreed I was the MerQueen. But she ended up choosing the colors and  I’m happy with it. Although I’m happy with my hair being silvery grey too. Or is it white? I used to color it all sorts of colors until I became tired of the time required. Now this is who I am and life is good, both as Gigi and as MerQueen.

I think she did an awesome job even with all of our pets including one who is in fishie heaven. But maybe fishie heaven is swimming in the deep blue sea with your merfamily.


I went to lunch with friends yesterday at a wonderful restaurant with Persian cuisine and fell in love with this painting. I would like it I think in my living room. It also seemed to represent all that I love in my life – color, horses, friends, wine, good food. The universe has heard my intention and wish for more friends and social life. Many of mine have moved away and now I’m finding ones with similar interests and even some long-ago ones have resurfaced. I went to lunch with amazing women and one small new baby and then had dinner with my birthday twin. A wonderful day. Off now to see my horse.



I saw this in a magazine recently and looked it up online at…love it. It makes me feel that I could sit in my very beautiful kitchen that is perfectly clean and bake up some magical things with these measuring cups for Christmas. Kind of a dream for sure at the moment as I’ve been in the midst of a massive cleaning, clearing, and sorting out beginning with the closets and working our way out. So far to date – four trips to Goodwill, three to recycling, and two garbage pickups that had the garbage workers scratching their heads I’m sure. Usually we barely have any garbage once we’ve recycled.

But now the hard work remains of sorting and organizing. I have so many family photos and negatives. I am thinking of some archival boxes from Exposures possibly unless I can find something locally. I have been reading quite a bit on organizing and decluttering because once I get to the point of being ‘done’ .. I don’t want it all to creep back.

Found a great suggestion here for a nightly ritual:

Maybe this all comes easily to some of you, but the gene passed me by and went straight on to my daughter. This kind of thing is second nature to her. Bless her!! She inspires me.

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