I saw this in a magazine recently and looked it up online at…love it. It makes me feel that I could sit in my very beautiful kitchen that is perfectly clean and bake up some magical things with these measuring cups for Christmas. Kind of a dream for sure at the moment as I’ve been in the midst of a massive cleaning, clearing, and sorting out beginning with the closets and working our way out. So far to date – four trips to Goodwill, three to recycling, and two garbage pickups that had the garbage workers scratching their heads I’m sure. Usually we barely have any garbage once we’ve recycled.

But now the hard work remains of sorting and organizing. I have so many family photos and negatives. I am thinking of some archival boxes from Exposures possibly unless I can find something locally. I have been reading quite a bit on organizing and decluttering because once I get to the point of being ‘done’ .. I don’t want it all to creep back.

Found a great suggestion here for a nightly ritual:

Maybe this all comes easily to some of you, but the gene passed me by and went straight on to my daughter. This kind of thing is second nature to her. Bless her!! She inspires me.