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Life is good when you get to choose your hair color because you are the MerQueen. This is our family portrait drawn by our granddaughter. I was the only one asked to choose my hair color. Maybe because I was the only one here. Or maybe because I decreed I was the MerQueen. But she ended up choosing the colors and  I’m happy with it. Although I’m happy with my hair being silvery grey too. Or is it white? I used to color it all sorts of colors until I became tired of the time required. Now this is who I am and life is good, both as Gigi and as MerQueen.

I think she did an awesome job even with all of our pets including one who is in fishie heaven. But maybe fishie heaven is swimming in the deep blue sea with your merfamily.


2 Responses to “I am the MerQueen”

  1. suzanne cabrera

    I LOVE IT!!!!! This is sooo cute! And not only do you get to choose your hair color, you get a fabulous mermaid body!!!! The pets kill me…too cute!

    • chicellarose

      I know!! I hadn’t thought about the fab body as well! I was just too tickled to have hair with pigment!! thanks for the comment! I love your art!!


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