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I heard yesterday that my sister’s ex-husband had died. I was immediately filled with sadness… and yet there had been nothing but bitterness between them for so many years. I couldn’t help remembering though their first days of dating, their babies, our family gatherings that he was so much a part of  until later when the hurt and the recriminations began. I had these same feelings when my cousin’s ex died a few years ago. How do you forget the hopes and the happiness of the younger selves – a former existence where anything was possible.

I will remember them at their happiest. Both of these men. For without them, we wouldn’t have the legacy of their children left behind or the good memories or the love that was once there.

Rest in peace and be with God.

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Every time I look at this wallpaper download from Smashing Magazine, I smile. It looks so much like my granddaughter and my yellow lab. When I showed it to Imani, she said, “Oh, the snowman must be Gimpie!”

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If Momma has her boots on, I’d better stay near…or I could be left behind. Daisy is my shadow and I’m so glad I have her. Without her or my horse, I might be tempted to snuggle in for the long winter’s nap. And to make that nap even more enticing, this arrived yesterday:

I could be off this morning to find some throws and pillows to cozy it up even more. Will post another one after it’s ‘set up!” .. and wow do I ever need some artwork on that one wall.. and maybe some curtains….hmmmm. Happy Monday All!

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Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve emptied closets of items stored from last year to ten years ago and longer. When we repainted our kitchen, I had put up our wine glasses so for some time now we’ve been drinking from water glasses. It’s nice to have them out again. And in shopping, I found these boots. They fit, they are comfortable and I’m keeping them. This is a big thing for me since I’ve bought and returned I don’t know how many pairs. I would have gotten them in black too but they were out of my size.

Also in the sifting and sorting which got kind of crazy towards the end as I had Thanksgiving as my deadline, I found these marvelous old photos of my parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles. Love the photos and loved my parents so. I have plans for framing and albums, but that’s for after the holidays.

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Story of a couch…or couches to be precise.

I ordered a wonderful Pottery Barn sectional with ivory linen-cotton slip covers back in October. Super sale and I was excited to hear it would only be two weeks until delivery. But I wisely (or so I thought) held off selling my old couch until I knew it would be on its way. I decided to call to check on its status and was told … Thanksgiving week. Yay! But again I wanted to hold off until I got the call to set up delivery. I did call back and it was on its way and I would get a call between these dates. Okay I think – it’s time. Couch goes on Sunday. A phone call on Tuesday tells me no couch until maybe the 16th or 23rd of December.

This no seating thing just wasn’t going to work. Only had to do it for three days but not a good thing when I really don’t even have any good chairs. So Wednesday morning I plan to make the rounds of the thrift shops and stop at Habitat Restore first. This couch stood out like a beacon amid the usual couches found. I sat on it and patted it and tried to repel advancing perspective buyers. Tipped by an employee that I should hold on to the price tag if I was interested, I fretted and pondered for 30 minutes. I only knew this because when I finally .. finally.. went up to buy it.. and asked if they knew which one I was buying…I was told .. uh huh.. the one you were sitting on for 30 minutes. Funny.

It came from a high-end consignment shop that donates to Habitat and I didn’t have the first qualm about bringing it home. I have always liked finding art and other treasures and wooden pieces, but had always had doubts regarding upholstered pieces. But honestly, this couch has felt like ‘home’ to me. And I can’t quite place why.

On an even brighter note… that very day.. within hours of buying my perfect find…I received a phone call telling me my sectional will be in place, in my great room, this Sunday morning. Oh happy day! My plan has always been to have two seating areas. One for tv viewing and one to cozy up in front of the fireplace to read and chat. It’s just happening now sooner than I had envisioned.

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