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I joined the Ravelry Shawl Exchange in January and had great fun with this shawl. It’s the Simple but Effective pattern and I used some yarn that I had in my stash from Three Irish Girls. I’m definitely going to make myself one and maybe others.


With your sixth order, the Loopy Ewe sends some lovely surprises. The bag is lovely, the gifted yarn so yummy and soft. Black Bunny Fibers which I had never heard of and am excited to try out. And loved the tootsie rolls. Oh and the adorable sheep calendar.

Sat in this chair this afternoon soaking up some sun in the most perfect weather. Not too hot or cold, no humidity. When I let my Daisy doglet out in the night, there was my chair. But somehow had an entirely different feel to it in the night. Sometimes Daisy spooks at something at the edge of the woods and races back to the house leaving her mistress behind. Although I don’t dally too long for sure. Other nights I soak in the quiet and the stars and the different phases of the moon. I think I like both times of day – the sunlight and the quiet cloak of nightfall.

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So one of my favorite yarn sources, The Sanguine Gryphon, asked for ideas for fall colors. How nice to be asked! Many requests for jewel tones and some metals. So my idea is to take inspiration from jewels and gemstones in their natural state – add in a little bronze, gold, silver. And call it ‘Dragon’s Lair’ or some such magical name. Fun stuff is to found on Ravelry if you are a knitter!

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