My husband unexpectedly retired this summer. One of our huge white pines fell on our house and we discovered that yes indeed the roots on the other three had been killed by our neighbor’s new driveway. Three more trees down has led to never-ending burning in the back yard which I rather enjoy. Especially since as soon as it’s done the sound of the evil pine bark beetles chewing their way through all that yummy bark will subside. We also are building a fence and when we are out there in the twilight, the sounds of their feasting is a bit much. Glad they only eat bark. When I called the extension service to ask about these beetles and asked if they ate any other trees, I received the very short and to the point reply…’they are PINE bark beetles, ma’am!’ Well that relieved my mind.

So with Chapter Two ahead of possibly buying land and building a house, I decided in two days time to have a yard sale. Result – one house that could possibly star in the movie ‘UP’…and memories like this:

Where did those little girls go?