So in my quest to kick-start my blog again and possibly even journal and do some writing, I signed up here ( for motivation. Evidently November is the month for prizes so thought I’d warm up with October first. I’ve signed up for some writing workshops and hope to attend a few Sunday writing meetings. Let’s see how this goes! I was reading One Year to a Writing Life by Susan M. Tiberghien and one writer commented on how she kept having hawks appear in her life.

I’ve always had a fascination with birds. I’m a water sign, but born on the cusp of air so maybe this has something to do with it. As a child of the ocean, the Great Blue Heron has always captured my eyes, my heart, my camera lens. They are still and graceful and patient. Large and yet fly so effortlessly – a sight to behold. Not near the ocean nearly as much any more, I’ve found new delight in the hawks in my area. Seeing them soar is again an inspiration and spotting them sitting on phone poles or tree tops is another visual pleasure.

We had the good fortune to rescue one a few years ago. Coming around the bend in our back country road, we noticed a large hawk sitting smack in the middle of the road. We stopped and a car coming from the other direction stopped as well. There was no prize he was after…he was just sitting there. I was going to jump out and see if I could nudge him off the road or even in my misguided state see if I couldn’t just pick him up and get him to a bird rescue home. My husband pointed out that he may not agree with my plan. He had the beak and the talons on his side. I insisted we do something. So luckily the other car was a neighbor that had two sticks in his car and my husband used those to gently herd him off the side of the road. We went home to see get a large box because it was now obvious he wasn’t able to fly for whatever reason.

Coming back down our road, we couldn’t find him anywhere near where we had left him. I had to find out so we pulled up to a nearby parking lot and walked back down the side. Just as we came to the spot, there was a sudden fluttering and noise above our heads and there he was…taking off from the tree where he had sought refuge. It was almost as if he had waited for us to return to let us know thanks and I’m okay now. As he soared off, I wondered what this meant to me in my life. Yes, I am one of those who look for signs and wonder. I’m sure maybe he was hurt in some small way, but that he waited and then let us approach him said something didn’t it? Sometimes there is a moment of trust between creatures, between people, and sometimes maybe it’s enough to just know this and be thankful for the small moments of wonder.