So I started watching ‘Pan Am’ a couple weeks ago – a new television series about flight attendants back in the day. Back in the day which really means my day. And it brought back my dream of being a stewardess. Sadly I couldn’t for two reasons, both my height and my vision. I kept my love of travel and for the longest time, still dreamt of maybe flying with the airlines after restrictions were lifted. Family took precedence though. Funny that in the past two weeks, I’ve been dreaming of flying. One dream had me on a plane and we were all going down and I was told there was no getting off. In another one, I was just sitting in an airport waiting and waiting….for?

Yesterday when I went outside with my dog, I was thinking about these two dreams and happened to look up and see two jets flying overhead leaving almost parallel contrails behind them. Beautiful and wished for my camera. Another sign? Remember me and my thoughts about signs.

Maybe it has to do with my quest for my Chapter 2…thinking ‘what do I have to contribute to the world now?’ I’ve devoted my time to family, have had some jobs (none that filled me with passion), and now what is next? I don’t think I will fly – other than as a passenger – and somehow I’m thinking backup singer and dancer are out.

But regardless, it’s given me a lot to think about. What about you? What were your dreams? Did you live them? What is next up for you?