I didn’t eat anything spicy and didn’t drink a lot of caffeine, but last night’s dream was a most vivid and convoluted one. From having fun at a party, I was suddenly suspected of being a spy and blackmailed. Hmmm. I could pick this all apart but for the lack of coffee yet. Another strange thing is the passing of the past month. As you know, I have a horse and he gets a monthly visit from his manicurist – no wait, the farrier. I bought a new day planner and as I was entering the dates, could not believe this week is farrier time again. I went to let Daisy Mae out and there was a brightness in the sky that made me turn off my little flashlight. The moon is nearly full ….AGAIN. How can this be? October. Just have to love it. Maybe it is the witchiness of the month combined with being my birth month. Yes. Lovely.