Today was a good day. Spent several hours grooming and then eating lunch while pony boy grazed. I never leave the barn without feeling more at peace and refreshed. In my spirit anyway…many times I’ve been tired and bedraggled physically. Even though Sampson is blind, I’ve thought lately that without him in my life, I wouldn’t have the chance to be around the many other beautiful horses. Each one with its own personality. One can be let out in the field and instantly begins to madly gallop to the herd. Another will just lazily walk about or just stop to graze contentedly.

Before I had my own horse, I never gave much thought to the differences to be found. The same as with people, dogs, cats. I was browsing in the bookstore tonight and read snippets from a dog book that talked about how with dogs, it’s not always trying to be the dominant leader that works. But using kindness and the thought that they are more like toddlers could go further to enhance your relationship with your dog. I came home with a more patient mindset as I let our Daisy Mae outside. Letting her romp for a bit with her toys didn’t take that much more time than it usually does and it gave me the chance to have some time in the cooling air of the evening. Hope your day was spent well.