So in honor of this auspicious day, I think I will post. I was trying so hard to post every day and then that became one more thing to have to do. So I let it go. Because I would like it to be fun for me to come here. Instead I’ve been trying to practice more yoga, meditation, definitely more knitting, and more time with my horse. Two of his buddies left the barn that he’s at and he missed them. He kept looking, but they didn’t come back. He has other horses in his herd and I hope he makes some of them his buddies too.

I also remembered why! I didn’t like to dye my hair. Roots… yes roots after only two weeks. So now it’s a lighter shade and short as I begin the return to natural.

I was reading here…… about making a vision board for every full moon. I like the sounds of this and I’m going to begin next month.