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Only good things could be ahead when this …

and this …

and this …

get together with this …

…it’s homemade sauce for dinner tonight!

I simply love the aroma of garlic and onions simmering on the stove. Even better when the other ingredients are added and the scent of Mom’s spaghetti sauce fills the air for the next two hours as it simmers on the stove. When I was a little girl, this was the best thing to hit me as I came home from school. I knew it was going to be spaghetti night and that was my favorite meal. Add in an antipasta and tortoni for dessert and that was even better. I used to ask for ravioli for my birthday as a special treat. My dad would tell stories of how his job as the youngest of 11 children was to pinch the dough on the sides with a fork for his mom’s homemade ravioli.

Another simple pleasure was always sitting on the front porch step when I was first married. Our porch was just a stoop really, but we enjoyed sitting close together and talking for a long time. Neighbors might come by and it was a good way to catch up. We don’t do that as often. Sometimes we will sit in chairs in the back and while away the time. But the chairs are separate. Not as easy to nudge or share a laugh or a kiss. Last night the weather was quite balmy especially for our area at this time of year. So we took the opportunity to once again simply sit together on our front step. Kitty boy and Daisy dog joined us.


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