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What a marvelous source of inspiration I have found here:

Today I would make a wish to reclaim my health, my vitality, my joy in the sheer bliss of being able to move freely. For some time, my left hip has given me some problems. Here lately, it has worsened and I refuse, simply refuse to be watching life from the sidelines. As I lay in bed last night with it aching, I just lay there…and asked what did it need…what do I need?! This morning I was inspired to really set the stage for some serious changes in what I eat, how I approach my exercise needs, and planning my self-care package. I feel hopeful.


6 Responses to “Wednesday’s Wish”

  1. marinachetner

    Oh no – what do you think is wrong with your hip? Have you gone to the physio? Epsom salts in the bath may help – they help my back! Plus, it makes you relax. Feel better!

  2. Ginny

    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well. The thing that has helped my hip the most is gently yoga.


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