Serendipity. Is it recognizing when good fortune is jumping in front of you with signs and chance meetings and longings and messages? Is it a slight shiver of joy or is it apprehension when it seems that something tremendous might be around the corner?

I have been dreaming, journaling, wishing…trying to find my next path as I have written about before. Horses are my love. Photography is my love. I waited to learn to ride until I was a grandmother and the dear, sweet person who patiently explained the intricacies of the reins, the saddle, how to post…is now about to open an art gallery. I have missed her and would love to be around her again.

I have been thinking of opening an Etsy shop and/or exhibiting my photographs at art shows/craft fairs. Is this the opportunity …the path I should or would want to take leaping ecstatically from rock to rock. Or from soft landing place to soft landing place?

I’m also maybe. Just maybe. Going to get on my love of a horse tomorrow. My trustworthy and stalwart blind horse. I shall find him to be so again.