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It’s definitely the season for weddings. No matter where we go on the weekends we come across either the wedding itself or portrait sessions. Weddings have such potential and promise and joy. I never tire of seeing brides. Even though I stopped doing wedding photography, I remember the excitement and confess I miss it just a bit.

I mentioned we had our son’s wedding in April. Now in the month of October…the best month in my mind…our oldest daughter will be getting married. White tents in their backyard. Catered food by friends of the groom who happens to be a chef. A change from her love of purple to shades of orange, yellow, and green. Maybe a chandelier or two? And most certainly love will be in the air.



6 Responses to “Weddings”

    • chicellarose

      I love chandeliers…probably one in every room would be too much! But I am definitely going to see what I can do for the wedding tents!

      • marinachetner

        I did research them as I wanted one for my wedding in Australia – one would have been ok to use but they didn’t have one large enough, which meant I would have needed a few more to balance out the space. That turned out looking pretty pricey! But if you cannot make one work in the tent, even hanging one from a tree outside and having say, the guest book under it for people to sign, gives the space extra use? And it looks pretty! So fun! Also antique stores and vintage sales could have some great chandeliers and pretty things for the table. I love the blog for ideas – it really helped me out! Enjoy the planning!

      • marinachetner

        Enjoy! Sometimes buying is less expensive than renting! if you have any questions about wedding stuff, feel free to email me at I planned from NY to Sydney so I did research from both countries. Australia ain’t cheap – I learned that straight away! let me know!

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