The realtor suggested we thoroughly rake all the leaves of the past four years from our daughter’s back yard before putting it on the market for sale. We raked, we mulched, we trimmed. It looked cleaner and neater, but did it look inviting? Not so much. So we shifted this pretty lady into a central position that could be viewed from the back windows of the house. Better. Raked some leaves away so the ivy showed. Still better. But it wasn’t until we added just the one flower pot blooming with color that it said at last… wouldn’t you like to sit out here and relax in your new home? We added other little touches and her house sold in two days. I doubt just from this one thing, but little things add up.

I’ve also been thinking this week of what one thing I can do or add to my life to make it better. I’ve determined more  yoga for sure. I will be pondering this each day as well. I’d like to think on what I could do for others too.