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Live life as if the gate is always open. I recently saw this posted somewhere with a happy dog racing along with his ears flying back. I loved it.

What would you do if the gate was open always? I would buy/renovate/rent a mobile home and travel the countryside. I would travel overseas this time with my husband. I would learn another language. I would finally become a yoga teacher. I would finally write something, anything. I would do something for the first time again.

No reason to wait for the gate to open.


2 Responses to “One gate…”

  1. marinachetner

    I remember you mentioning your yoga – which style do you practice? I started a new blog to filter my passion through! The beauty of the Net is that you can learn a language, you can write something – I hope you’ll do a ‘first’ soon!

    • chicellarose

      Thanks for the wish for a “first” for me, Marina! Love your yoga blog! I started with Ashtanga yoga for years. Some vinyasa flow classes as well and Iyengar sprinkled in. We finally got some hot yoga/Bikram studios here and I do love those as well. But these days, I’m finding a home practice at last. And just get on my mat and see what I need for the day. Yesterday after a full day of moving and unpacking our daughter’s house, all I could manage was legs up the wall and savasana when we got home at ten last night 🙂


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