Here’s to all the fathers. May the day hold just what you would wish. To all the sons and daughters, enjoy this day with your dad.

My dad has been gone for over twelve years now and I miss him. Miss having the patriarch who like a rock was always there for his children. Miss knowing there is someone there I can turn to who has known me since I was a baby. A lot of my memories with my dad included mundane things like working in the yard together or Sunday drives. Sunday drives were something we did so often. Just got in the car and drove, ending up somewhere new sometimes. Sometimes we would revisit places. Unexpected treats would be thrown in – an ice cream cone, a visit to a horse barn. Maybe this is why when I was older, I would go for drives when I needed time to think or be alone.

One summer, my dad rented a bright yellow convertible and we took off for a vacation to Washington, D.C. Just because he wanted to. I can remember taking vacations in our Chevy whose seats were covered in vinyl that had little stars printed on it. I loved those stars. He had a friend who would pick him up for work some mornings and he drove an old station wagon with wooden side panels. He was the only one who could get me to eat my breakfast some mornings. I was really tiny at the time, but I remember this.

When I started driving and wrecked my first car soon after, there were no recriminations. He just set about fixing what needed fixing. For some months, we drove together to work in the morning. He would drop me off on his way. It gave us time and the opportunity to chat and form a new bond on another level.

When he retired, my parents sold their house and bought a big, orange truck with a camper attached and took off for a two-year tour of the country. What fun. He took such pride in being able to buy my mom a new car they called the “bronze beauty” and he still had his truck. Later he traded down to a smaller one, but loved it all the same. And a bonus vehicle was his golf cart that he used for a new love of golfing. How so many of my memories are of cars and my dad.

Today to my husband and father of our three children and grandpa to one … I wish you time to relax and time to spend with the vehicle in your life at the moment.