We are starting the summer off with some heavy-duty cleaning. I plan on painting the entire house new colors. I had thought white was the answer as all I do is pin white rooms on Pinterest. However after two coats of paint on the bedroom, I quickly decided that although I like to see them – living with all white is not me. So we threw out our favorite colors and I assigned them to each room. We will see how that turns out.

But our granddaughter, who is 12, was adamant that she didn’t want to change her room. It’s been brightly painted for nearly her entire life with each wall a different color. One wall orange, one turquoise, one hot pink, and one light pink. Sounds a bit shocking, but it’s worked for her and her personality. But I did want her to thoroughly clean to start the summer off with some measure of orderliness. As she was cleaning, she started to ponder …well maybe I could paint it … no maybe not. Finally the verdict came in. One wall dark purple with the other three light purple. She has been filling boxes for give away, throw away, store. It saddens me a bit. But we will be heading into new adventures so will look forward to those.