Ten minutes of jogging. Stretching. Wall sits followed by sprints – rinse and repeat over and over. 50 sit ups. 20 full-body push ups. Is this my workout you may be wondering? Well, no, it might be a great thing for me to start, but no. This was the first day of volleyball workouts that my granddaughter will be doing all summer long with the hope of making the volleyball team. An hour of working out followed by an hour of volleyball skills. There are about 20 girls showing up. Some are from last year’s team. So if they make it again, there will be about six openings. Hoping for her to be chosen.

My workout was a bit different. More of an upper-body one using an 1100 pound weight. Actually I just gave my pony boy a bath yesterday and then spent hours in the sun scraping and brushing and making him shine. I think the effort paid off.