My whole house has exploded with boxes packed so we can move some large pieces of furniture. Moving straps have been bought and sliding ‘feet’ to help make it easier. The sensible thing might have been to just paint each room and then move the furniture, but I wanted to see everything in place and go from there. And have been haunting Pinterest for ideas …and more ideas… and more. I wouldn’t have enough time in my life to get all my projects done, but it’s going to be fun to do some of them.


I love all the photos with chandeliers. Chandeliers in bedrooms, in kitchens, halls, living rooms, foyers. I found this yesterday on a jaunt around to a couple of Habitat Restores. Whether I can succeed in a transformation remains to be seen.


I also found some doors that I’m hoping my husband can craft into a daybed for the makeover of the guest room. He doesn’t quite get my vision, but he’s willing to try. What more could I ask for?