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We had a break in the weather yesterday so planned a little bit of fun. As we walked into one of our favorite restaurants, I noticed how much this horse resembled one at my barn. This horse always wants to pin her ears back and will sometimes seem to want to bite. I’ve found though that if I simply tell her to stop and go up and pat her and say nice things to her, she relaxes. Isn’t that the way with people sometimes. They can be cranky, but treating them gently sometimes just turns things around. The horse at my barn has some pain issues and can’t move around maybe as much as she would like. As the stories always tell us, we don’t always know what pain people might be carrying around with them either.

A friend lost her dad over the past few days. My pony boy lost his pasture mate. I had to say good-bye to him too. Another friend is facing a betrayal. Just a lot to think on today. Maybe this stone horse is feeling a bit cranky because it’s been trapped for eternity in front of a restaurant. But today. Today we will be going to the movies. Always a fun time.



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