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So it’s been a few days since I posted. Almost a week in fact. What has been going on around here…let me think because it’s gone by so quickly. Two days of working at the barn so our barn manager could have a week off. Rough work, but always good to be around the horses and get to know them better. A bonus 4th of July celebration since it was the first year in so many that I can’t remember that my husband did NOT have to work. Yay. Moving furniture. Trying to move furniture and getting it stuck in the hall between doorways. Oops. This behemoth piece won and it’s back in its rightful place. Gardening. And picking and eating some delicious vegetables. Reading. Lots of reading. A Yin yoga class with some hip openers held for a long time. Good for the summer and definitely good for my hips since they are evidently where I hold my tension.

And a few photos to brighten your day!

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We had a break in the weather yesterday so planned a little bit of fun. As we walked into one of our favorite restaurants, I noticed how much this horse resembled one at my barn. This horse always wants to pin her ears back and will sometimes seem to want to bite. I’ve found though that if I simply tell her to stop and go up and pat her and say nice things to her, she relaxes. Isn’t that the way with people sometimes. They can be cranky, but treating them gently sometimes just turns things around. The horse at my barn has some pain issues and can’t move around maybe as much as she would like. As the stories always tell us, we don’t always know what pain people might be carrying around with them either.

A friend lost her dad over the past few days. My pony boy lost his pasture mate. I had to say good-bye to him too. Another friend is facing a betrayal. Just a lot to think on today. Maybe this stone horse is feeling a bit cranky because it’s been trapped for eternity in front of a restaurant. But today. Today we will be going to the movies. Always a fun time.



Weekend of painting, horses, gardening…and visiting with a florist for our daughter’s wedding. Too tired for many words. Letting my photos do most of the work.


I had been searching online for this chandelier and then when we went to this little gift shop to meet the florist…there it was. I’m still thinking if there is a perfect spot for it. It is indeed sweet.


First eggplant I’ve grown…ever.


I turned around before I left and there was the horse that inspired the painting on the barn where I board. I am going to do this one day on my barn. Different horse. My horse. Sampson. And good night.

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Ten minutes of jogging. Stretching. Wall sits followed by sprints – rinse and repeat over and over. 50 sit ups. 20 full-body push ups. Is this my workout you may be wondering? Well, no, it might be a great thing for me to start, but no. This was the first day of volleyball workouts that my granddaughter will be doing all summer long with the hope of making the volleyball team. An hour of working out followed by an hour of volleyball skills. There are about 20 girls showing up. Some are from last year’s team. So if they make it again, there will be about six openings. Hoping for her to be chosen.

My workout was a bit different. More of an upper-body one using an 1100 pound weight. Actually I just gave my pony boy a bath yesterday and then spent hours in the sun scraping and brushing and making him shine. I think the effort paid off.

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I think for this week I’m going to post just one …just one photo (well okay maybe two) of one subject each day. And see where it takes me.

To start the week:

Okay here is the one photo with more than one. But I’ve always wondered why wherever I am boarding my own horse, there’s always just one horse in the herd that calls to me. A horse that I could call my own and love just as much as my pony boy. Each and every barn has had one. I’m not really sure why just the one calls to me. They are never the same color or sex or breed. But out of the herd at this barn, this graceful girl with her long eyelashes calls to me every time I pass by.

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Serendipity. Is it recognizing when good fortune is jumping in front of you with signs and chance meetings and longings and messages? Is it a slight shiver of joy or is it apprehension when it seems that something tremendous might be around the corner?

I have been dreaming, journaling, wishing…trying to find my next path as I have written about before. Horses are my love. Photography is my love. I waited to learn to ride until I was a grandmother and the dear, sweet person who patiently explained the intricacies of the reins, the saddle, how to post…is now about to open an art gallery. I have missed her and would love to be around her again.

I have been thinking of opening an Etsy shop and/or exhibiting my photographs at art shows/craft fairs. Is this the opportunity …the path I should or would want to take leaping ecstatically from rock to rock. Or from soft landing place to soft landing place?

I’m also maybe. Just maybe. Going to get on my love of a horse tomorrow. My trustworthy and stalwart blind horse. I shall find him to be so again.

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Today was a good day. Spent several hours grooming and then eating lunch while pony boy grazed. I never leave the barn without feeling more at peace and refreshed. In my spirit anyway…many times I’ve been tired and bedraggled physically. Even though Sampson is blind, I’ve thought lately that without him in my life, I wouldn’t have the chance to be around the many other beautiful horses. Each one with its own personality. One can be let out in the field and instantly begins to madly gallop to the herd. Another will just lazily walk about or just stop to graze contentedly.

Before I had my own horse, I never gave much thought to the differences to be found. The same as with people, dogs, cats. I was browsing in the bookstore tonight and read snippets from a dog book that talked about how with dogs, it’s not always trying to be the dominant leader that works. But using kindness and the thought that they are more like toddlers could go further to enhance your relationship with your dog. I came home with a more patient mindset as I let our Daisy Mae outside. Letting her romp for a bit with her toys didn’t take that much more time than it usually does and it gave me the chance to have some time in the cooling air of the evening. Hope your day was spent well.

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