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So it’s been a few days since I posted. Almost a week in fact. What has been going on around here…let me think because it’s gone by so quickly. Two days of working at the barn so our barn manager could have a week off. Rough work, but always good to be around the horses and get to know them better. A bonus 4th of July celebration since it was the first year in so many that I can’t remember that my husband did NOT have to work. Yay. Moving furniture. Trying to move furniture and getting it stuck in the hall between doorways. Oops. This behemoth piece won and it’s back in its rightful place. Gardening. And picking and eating some delicious vegetables. Reading. Lots of reading. A Yin yoga class with some hip openers held for a long time. Good for the summer and definitely good for my hips since they are evidently where I hold my tension.

And a few photos to brighten your day!

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Weekend of painting, horses, gardening…and visiting with a florist for our daughter’s wedding. Too tired for many words. Letting my photos do most of the work.


I had been searching online for this chandelier and then when we went to this little gift shop to meet the florist…there it was. I’m still thinking if there is a perfect spot for it. It is indeed sweet.


First eggplant I’ve grown…ever.


I turned around before I left and there was the horse that inspired the painting on the barn where I board. I am going to do this one day on my barn. Different horse. My horse. Sampson. And good night.

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Certain themes run through my photographs. Most definitely I am drawn to leaves.

The above leaves just happen to be growing in the middle of my rosemary plant that has lived for 30+ years. The more I neglect it, the happier it is.

The ones below belong to my very first planting of eggplant. It will be interesting to see if one actually grows from this lovely bloom.

And the last are from one of my many walks in nearby gardens. I never fail to find something to fascinate me there.

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I’ve found lately I’m just as happy if I’m sitting in my yard at dusk with my new white lights glimmering in the tree. Or if I’m tending to the garden or simply playing with my ever-ready to-go dog, Miss Daisy Mae. I’ve had to store a few of my daughter’s yard ornaments and I think I’ll have to find replacements as I’m getting used to this birdbath and hummingbird feeder.


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So on Ravelry, a challenge was posted to knit something representing the harvest time of year. I knit and felted a bag and for the photo shoot, I gathered herbs from my yard. Someone asked if all the herbs were grown by me and I found pleasure in admitting yes, yes they were. Leads me to believe I need to devote some more time to growing and nurturing more of a variety. I found that I enjoyed planning where to take my photo and how I wanted it to look. Again just with my phone, but good fun. Contemplating …to sell my photos again … but this time without meeting anybody’s expectations but mine. Food for thought. I visited the gardens again and will post more from there during the week.