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We spent an evening exploring the historic downtown of Fernandina Beach. It had a lovely quaint feeling to it with live music playing at several of the restaurants in the area. The music provided a nice background to our stroll to see the boats and for window shopping. We bought some ice cream and sat on a bench to listen and people watch.













Does anyone have any small, cool beach towns they love?

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At long last I have come back to post some of my photos from our trip to Fernandina Beach, Florida. We didn’t have the time to make our usual trek to Anna Maria Island, but we enjoyed Amelia Island for a short get-away. I will post some of the historic downtown area next time. Enjoy!


So it took me until now to recover from vacation! Getting ready to leave and then catching up … is it really worth it? Okay okay I still think it is. So here is my first photo from our trip:

Every year for about the last twelve years, we have gone to Florida. And every time we cross the ‘border’, I begin to search and find a source to get my Cuban food fix or alternately some Spanish food. Since the majority of the years have been spent on Anna Maria Island, we were in close enough proximity to get to the Columbia Restaurant numerous times each stay. I do own their cookbook and that’s all good to cook at home…but NOTHING beats when it’s cooked on the spot.

This time we were on Amelia Island and the closest thing anyone could tell us was a Puerto Rican restaurant that had opened up recently. Hmmm. I wasn’t sold. So since this was a shorter trip and we didn’t want to drive another hour and a half to St. Augustine, we decided to eat at a restaurant on the beach. I tell you live music and brisk ocean breezes as we sat on the upstairs deck made up for the disappointment. Add in some scrumptious hush puppies with an unexpected bonus of sweet tea and I was in a good place!

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Home again after a week at the beach and while it was great fun, always good to be back home. I will post photos as the week goes on, but for now just some random thoughts…

1. After being gone for over 30 years, I don’t think of Florida as home any more.

2. Body surfing never gets old.

3. Getting beat up by the ocean on red flag days does.

4. Going to Florida and not finding any good Cuban food just isn’t as fun.

5. Eating outside with a view of the ocean and ocean breezes is always fun.

6. Screened porches make all the difference.

7. Seeing all the other dogs on the beach without my Daisy along isn’t fun.

8. Coming home to her unadulterated joy at seeing me makes everything all better.

Hope you all had a great week and weekend!

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Traveling…my world is better for it. I get recharged by visits to big cities, by visits to the mountains, visits to the ocean. New York City is among my favorites of all. Three visits so far. First totally dedicated to all things tourista. Second we chilled and loved to pretend we lived there by taking yoga classes and having a picnic in the park. Guess it worked since we were asked for directions. And we actually could answer with useful information. Third time was another Christmas visit and while we did all the Christmas windows and Rockefeller, it was all done at a much less frenetic pace. I will be back many more times I hope.

Chicago a city of my youth from visiting relatives and then a work-related visit. Love it still. San Francisco. Loved visiting it and seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time. Austin. Another great city and could imagine living there. Pittsburgh. Another city of my youth and would like to revisit as an adult. Many other assorted locales in the South and pretty much all of Florida of course as I am a Miami native. Nothing beats the crystal blue waters and I pray that matters will be better soon for all of the areas affected by the oil spill.

Europe. Simply must go back and will write again another day of my time spent there. For now, any places you love to visit or do you love where you live and why?

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Yesterday we celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary. Most hard to believe. I still feel like I’m twenty and just starting out. No not really, but there is no way I feel married that long. I think that’s a blessing. We traveled for just one night to the mountains and had the best Italian food I’ve had in a long time. And since it’s hard to find food to compare to my family recipes, that’s saying something.

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One thing that I love to do is to travel. If time and finances allowed, I would do much much more. Our last trip was to Hilton Head where we rented a condo near Harbour Town and other than a couple of short trips to the grocery store …pretty much walked or biked everywhere. We had quite the time with our two grown daughters and granddaughter along. Sad to say, our granddaughter has never learned to ride a two-wheeler so she hustled along on her adult trike with a merry little squeak. It really wasn’t swimming weather or even bathing suit weather. But just the sights and sounds of the ocean and coastal living were enough to soothe this Miami girl’s heart.

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