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We had a break in the weather yesterday so planned a little bit of fun. As we walked into one of our favorite restaurants, I noticed how much this horse resembled one at my barn. This horse always wants to pin her ears back and will sometimes seem to want to bite. I’ve found though that if I simply tell her to stop and go up and pat her and say nice things to her, she relaxes. Isn’t that the way with people sometimes. They can be cranky, but treating them gently sometimes just turns things around. The horse at my barn has some pain issues and can’t move around maybe as much as she would like. As the stories always tell us, we don’t always know what pain people might be carrying around with them either.

A friend lost her dad over the past few days. My pony boy lost his pasture mate. I had to say good-bye to him too. Another friend is facing a betrayal. Just a lot to think on today. Maybe this stone horse is feeling a bit cranky because it’s been trapped for eternity in front of a restaurant. But today. Today we will be going to the movies. Always a fun time.



So every morning I’ve been getting up to get to the barn early and help get all the horses into the barn where fans and shade can help keep them cool in these days with temperatures over 100. I ended up staying for several hours each day and then have straggled home for some cool relief and tried to muster up energy to do anything else. I did get some errands run, but for the most part have read and watched movies. And pondered paint colors and furniture rearranging.

I just finished ‘The Underside of Joy’ by Sere Prince Halverson. A great book. But also an eye-opener. My dad was Italian-American with parents that came from Italy. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before and mentioned that he never taught us Italian. I always thought it was because he grew up poor and was ashamed. But after reading this book, I think maybe there was more to it. I never knew that Italians were detained in the US during World War II in camps and were under curfew with other restrictions. How did I never learn this? And there were posters and strong encouragement to only speak English and not to speak the enemy’s language. I don’t have my dad or other relatives still around to ask, but I just wonder was this the real reason for not teaching us Italian. Sad.




I love finding something lovely when it’s not expected. We stopped at a different library yesterday to stock up on reading material for the next few days of scorching heat. Parked on one end of the parking lot, but as we were coming out …almost hidden around the corner…was this lovely girl.


Our plan for these days of temperatures over  100 degrees – movies, reading, napping, maybe just maybe some more sorting and moving of furniture. And I will have to go out to check on my pony boy and move him into shaded areas with maybe a hosing off or two. On a side note. Back to my Portland/Seattle chant. Thirty degrees cooler there. All that needs to be said. Stay cool and hydrated everyone.

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My whole house has exploded with boxes packed so we can move some large pieces of furniture. Moving straps have been bought and sliding ‘feet’ to help make it easier. The sensible thing might have been to just paint each room and then move the furniture, but I wanted to see everything in place and go from there. And have been haunting Pinterest for ideas …and more ideas… and more. I wouldn’t have enough time in my life to get all my projects done, but it’s going to be fun to do some of them.


I love all the photos with chandeliers. Chandeliers in bedrooms, in kitchens, halls, living rooms, foyers. I found this yesterday on a jaunt around to a couple of Habitat Restores. Whether I can succeed in a transformation remains to be seen.


I also found some doors that I’m hoping my husband can craft into a daybed for the makeover of the guest room. He doesn’t quite get my vision, but he’s willing to try. What more could I ask for?

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We had some hot, sunny days in the 90’s here and I started doing the Portland, Seattle chant. As in I think life could be oh so much better where it’s cooler with some rain. I know that’s not the answer…but maybe it is? We had a cooler day yesterday and quickly decided it was a day for an outdoor lunch with the chance to take Daisy Mae along. Couldn’t have been more perfect.

We’ve been able to open our windows so our bedroom might finally be done with the paint smell. With a forecast for the weekend of 103 degrees (gasp!) …might have to wait on more painting and be content with mad moving of furniture and rooms. We switched the beds around from the guest room to our granddaughter’s bedroom. She was ecstatic when she came home to a full-sized bed. I’m turning the guest room into a reading/yoga/meditation space with a daybed for guests. I’m delighted at the thought I might have a space somewhat removed to practice my asanas and to sit. Now do I still let Daisy Mae join me?

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Weekend of painting, horses, gardening…and visiting with a florist for our daughter’s wedding. Too tired for many words. Letting my photos do most of the work.


I had been searching online for this chandelier and then when we went to this little gift shop to meet the florist…there it was. I’m still thinking if there is a perfect spot for it. It is indeed sweet.


First eggplant I’ve grown…ever.


I turned around before I left and there was the horse that inspired the painting on the barn where I board. I am going to do this one day on my barn. Different horse. My horse. Sampson. And good night.

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After the white paint fiasco, I ordered some full spectrum paint from Citron Paints. I called them up and said I’m looking for a blue for my bedroom and they suggested ‘Mystery Novel’…sold. Love mystery novels and when I looked at it on their paint chart, the number was 53 which is a good number for me. So today we will see how it unfolds. Will this mystery have a good ending?

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