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So it’s been a few days since I posted. Almost a week in fact. What has been going on around here…let me think because it’s gone by so quickly. Two days of working at the barn so our barn manager could have a week off. Rough work, but always good to be around the horses and get to know them better. A bonus 4th of July celebration since it was the first year in so many that I can’t remember that my husband did NOT have to work. Yay. Moving furniture. Trying to move furniture and getting it stuck in the hall between doorways. Oops. This behemoth piece won and it’s back in its rightful place. Gardening. And picking and eating some delicious vegetables. Reading. Lots of reading. A Yin yoga class with some hip openers held for a long time. Good for the summer and definitely good for my hips since they are evidently where I hold my tension.

And a few photos to brighten your day!

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So every morning I’ve been getting up to get to the barn early and help get all the horses into the barn where fans and shade can help keep them cool in these days with temperatures over 100. I ended up staying for several hours each day and then have straggled home for some cool relief and tried to muster up energy to do anything else. I did get some errands run, but for the most part have read and watched movies. And pondered paint colors and furniture rearranging.

I just finished ‘The Underside of Joy’ by Sere Prince Halverson. A great book. But also an eye-opener. My dad was Italian-American with parents that came from Italy. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before and mentioned that he never taught us Italian. I always thought it was because he grew up poor and was ashamed. But after reading this book, I think maybe there was more to it. I never knew that Italians were detained in the US during World War II in camps and were under curfew with other restrictions. How did I never learn this? And there were posters and strong encouragement to only speak English and not to speak the enemy’s language. I don’t have my dad or other relatives still around to ask, but I just wonder was this the real reason for not teaching us Italian. Sad.




We had some hot, sunny days in the 90’s here and I started doing the Portland, Seattle chant. As in I think life could be oh so much better where it’s cooler with some rain. I know that’s not the answer…but maybe it is? We had a cooler day yesterday and quickly decided it was a day for an outdoor lunch with the chance to take Daisy Mae along. Couldn’t have been more perfect.

We’ve been able to open our windows so our bedroom might finally be done with the paint smell. With a forecast for the weekend of 103 degrees (gasp!) …might have to wait on more painting and be content with mad moving of furniture and rooms. We switched the beds around from the guest room to our granddaughter’s bedroom. She was ecstatic when she came home to a full-sized bed. I’m turning the guest room into a reading/yoga/meditation space with a daybed for guests. I’m delighted at the thought I might have a space somewhat removed to practice my asanas and to sit. Now do I still let Daisy Mae join me?

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We are starting the summer off with some heavy-duty cleaning. I plan on painting the entire house new colors. I had thought white was the answer as all I do is pin white rooms on Pinterest. However after two coats of paint on the bedroom, I quickly decided that although I like to see them – living with all white is not me. So we threw out our favorite colors and I assigned them to each room. We will see how that turns out.

But our granddaughter, who is 12, was adamant that she didn’t want to change her room. It’s been brightly painted for nearly her entire life with each wall a different color. One wall orange, one turquoise, one hot pink, and one light pink. Sounds a bit shocking, but it’s worked for her and her personality. But I did want her to thoroughly clean to start the summer off with some measure of orderliness. As she was cleaning, she started to ponder …well maybe I could paint it … no maybe not. Finally the verdict came in. One wall dark purple with the other three light purple. She has been filling boxes for give away, throw away, store. It saddens me a bit. But we will be heading into new adventures so will look forward to those.

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Here’s to all the fathers. May the day hold just what you would wish. To all the sons and daughters, enjoy this day with your dad.

My dad has been gone for over twelve years now and I miss him. Miss having the patriarch who like a rock was always there for his children. Miss knowing there is someone there I can turn to who has known me since I was a baby. A lot of my memories with my dad included mundane things like working in the yard together or Sunday drives. Sunday drives were something we did so often. Just got in the car and drove, ending up somewhere new sometimes. Sometimes we would revisit places. Unexpected treats would be thrown in – an ice cream cone, a visit to a horse barn. Maybe this is why when I was older, I would go for drives when I needed time to think or be alone.

One summer, my dad rented a bright yellow convertible and we took off for a vacation to Washington, D.C. Just because he wanted to. I can remember taking vacations in our Chevy whose seats were covered in vinyl that had little stars printed on it. I loved those stars. He had a friend who would pick him up for work some mornings and he drove an old station wagon with wooden side panels. He was the only one who could get me to eat my breakfast some mornings. I was really tiny at the time, but I remember this.

When I started driving and wrecked my first car soon after, there were no recriminations. He just set about fixing what needed fixing. For some months, we drove together to work in the morning. He would drop me off on his way. It gave us time and the opportunity to chat and form a new bond on another level.

When he retired, my parents sold their house and bought a big, orange truck with a camper attached and took off for a two-year tour of the country. What fun. He took such pride in being able to buy my mom a new car they called the “bronze beauty” and he still had his truck. Later he traded down to a smaller one, but loved it all the same. And a bonus vehicle was his golf cart that he used for a new love of golfing. How so many of my memories are of cars and my dad.

Today to my husband and father of our three children and grandpa to one … I wish you time to relax and time to spend with the vehicle in your life at the moment.

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It’s definitely the season for weddings. No matter where we go on the weekends we come across either the wedding itself or portrait sessions. Weddings have such potential and promise and joy. I never tire of seeing brides. Even though I stopped doing wedding photography, I remember the excitement and confess I miss it just a bit.

I mentioned we had our son’s wedding in April. Now in the month of October…the best month in my mind…our oldest daughter will be getting married. White tents in their backyard. Catered food by friends of the groom who happens to be a chef. A change from her love of purple to shades of orange, yellow, and green. Maybe a chandelier or two? And most certainly love will be in the air.



It’s been awhile I know since I blogged. And today will be brief, but I wanted to at least post something before May was officially over. So in the past four months – our son has gotten married, our daughter engaged, we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary, and helped our daughter pack up her house in preparation for moving. Whew. I had to still take time to play with Daisy Mae. Oh happiness.

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